"I love my bottle.  I have been drinking it for a week or so and it has helped me so much.  I Was a BIG Coke drinker and with the drinks I can make with the bottle I don't drink Coke anymore and it's cut me back on my food intake as well.I'm very pleased.  Thank you so much.  I have been telling everyone I know in Tennessee about this bottle."  -Michelle M.


Our goal is to get people to drink more water in a healthy and innovative way.

Nowadays, hydration education is growing and everyone is recognizing the benefits of water and trying to include more water in their lives.  So why aren't they?  Because water is tasteless, bland, and boring.  Not any longer!  Healthful Hydration wants to start the health trend of everyday, on-the-go infuser water bottles.  Adding organic vitamins and minerals, that your body can utilize naturally, will help keep your body properly hydrated and more functional than with water alone- not to mention some added flavor!  With BPA Free plastic, dishwasher safe materials, and all the practical functions of a sport bottle, you can now step it up a notch by adding your favorite fruits, herbs and vegetables and finally liven up the way you drink!